Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Final Post From CO!!

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Final Post From CO!!, a set on Flickr.

Hey everyone!

Well, we recently had our big Easter church-launch! We had been preparing for Easter for quite some time. Gabby had been working so hard on Children's ministry, the lesson, the craft, and treats. I had been working on the wroship set. And I have to say... IT WAS AWESOME! Our little church was PACKED! The worship and the message was great, and about 7 or 8 people raised their hands - saying that they wanted to recieve Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives! It was very sweet! Most of the pictures on this post are from the Easter church launch service. To view ALL of the photos, just click on one, and you will be directed to our Flikr account where you can view ALL of the photos (as you can only see some of them on this page here).

Gabby and I have been praying and talking SOO much about what we should do in the near future - either move to Glenwood Springs, or move back to California temporarily... and well.... we have our answer! Our last Sunday at Calvary Chapel Glenwood Springs was April 7th; they had a going-away party for us, but I'll talk about that next week or so on a new post and update. So we are coming back to California immediately. We are excited to see our friends and families, and we are excited that the Lord is doing a new thing in our lives.

For all those who have supported us through prayer and financial donations... thank you! Thank you so much! We could not have done what we have during the last 11 months if it were not for you! Thank you all! We love and appreciate you very much! We will no longer be in need of financial support as I will be working full-time again while in CA with my appraisal license. Please visit the Shepherd's Staff website, and cancel your automatic giving. If Donations have been taken out of your account in April, please email me your mailing address, and we will return it to you with a check for the same amount taken. We cannot thank you all enough - from the bottom of our hearts - thank you.

We will post a new update in one or two weeks with departure photos, going-away-party photos, and the trip home. We love you guys!

In His Service,


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February Update 2013

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February Update 2013, a set on Flickr.

Hey everyone! :)

We can't believe we are now in March! The Lord has been so faithful to bring us to this point. This past month we had various trials that were very diffficult, but the Lord has brought us through and continues to sustain us. Thank you for all of your prayers, they have been effective!
The Bible college is in full swing now, it is a very small semester with only two students (guys) who arrived on the 11th of Febuary. It has been a blessing to have them, we know that God is preparing them both in a special way for what He has for them. Adriel has been spending good time with them and encouraging them in the Lord.
The church continues to thrive! We have seen growth in the people who have been faithfully attending. Now we have more people serving in different areas, which was much needed. There have also been new people coming. A man gave his life to the Lord just two sundays ago, his son had been coming occasionally with a friend to the childrens ministry, we were all so excited and blessed! ... We have been meeting on wednesday nights now to pray and to equip people who desire to serve, and for our Easter service which is coming fast! Please pray for us that at Easter many people would respond to the Gospel!
Adriel continues to lead worship at the church, and is now holding a practice on wednesday nights for people who would like to join the worship team! He also has been doing a lot of labor around the facility, fixing leaking roofs, toilets, plowing etc.
I have been focussing all of my time on the childrens ministry cirriculum, that way its built in for the future with crafts and activities. I have enjoyed this so much, and I love teaching/being with the kids on Sundays. We are also preparing for our summer camps in June!

In the midst of all this business, we went with a group from the church snowboarding, one of the guys at the church hooked us up with a huge discount, which was such a blessing! Adriel taught a few of us how to snowboard; we are still sore!!! :)

Please continue to pray for us that we would have endurance, and that we would be filled with the Spirit. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

In His Service,
Adriel and Gabriella

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Update 2013

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January Update 2013, a set on Flickr.

"HEY" from the Rocky mountains! We had so much fun in CA in December, that we didn't write a December update. But we had such an amazing and great time in CA visiting our friends and family! It was so good to see many of you; we wish we could see and hang out with all of the amazing people who the Lord has blessed our lives with; we love you guys!

When we got back to CO (Jan 3), we immediately had some difficulty as Gabby got really sick which lasted TWO weeks! She came under walking pnuemonia, but thank God, she's completey over it! Thanks for the prayer guys!

There's been several snow storms and the camp is FULL and covered with snow; it truly is a "winter wonder land." Snow storms mean a lot of work for me, but it's good air and good exercise. =) After the storms pass, we have beautiful royal, blue skies, with deep white powdery snow; one day it was like walking on bubbles! We're about to get hit this weekend with another big storm. Thank God, we haven't had any accidents (since the deer incident in July).

We're focussing our attention in Glenwood Springs - the church. You can check out the website - www.CalvaryGlenwood.org - We are vamping up for a big Easter church re-launch! God has brought some very, very sweet people to the church, and we are truly enriched by them. We are also preparing for another Bible college semester, but this time we are only having TWO students/two guys. We're really looking forward to it. They arrive this Monday! Although we are having this semseter, we are still going to be giving most of our attention to the church plant.

We've begun to practivce every Wednesday, cultivating/developing/building a worship team for the church! It's pretty exciting. Right now it looks like we have me (guitar), a real good bass player, and a flautist! It's coming together! Pray that the Lord brings the final piece to the puzzle... a percussionist! =) The Lord has really been using and blessing the worship ministry; it's been an incredible privilege for me. Gabby has been very effective in the children's ministry teaching and loving the kids every week. She's prepared Sunday school lessons and crafts through March!

Please keep us in prayer, that the Lord would give us grace and strength for each day; that He would lead and direct us; for the difficulties which we face; for the Bible college students and the semester; for Jeff and his family; for the Lord to really do something awesome in Glenwood Springs! We love you guys so much, and can't tell you how much we appreciate you support and prayers!

In His Service,

Adriel and Gabriella